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My vehicle is still under warranty, can you work on it?

By law you have the right to have your vehicle serviced at any repair facility of your choice, that being said only the dealership can provide repairs covered by warranty or a recall at no cost to you. For any repairs or standard maintenance that is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty we advise our customers to bring their vehicles to an independent repair facility because many of the local shops in the Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Golden, Lakewood and other Denver suburbs can offer these maintenance services at a lower cost than the dealership. A benefit of working with Seyfer Automotive is we will perform a courtesy inspection with any service and this inspection can help alert you to a neccessary warranty repair that you might not have known you needed otherwise until you are no longer covered under warranty and therefore have additional costs out of your pocket. If you have any questions on if a repair you need is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or to schedule your regular maintenance please call (303) 422-5261

I have an aftermarket warranty, can you fix my car?

Absolutely! We beleive that purchasing an aftermarket warranty is a great way to extend your warranty beyond the manufacturer’s coverage. In many cases aftermarket warranties can help protect you from unexpected costly repairs for when something inevitably breaks, especially with these pothole filled Colorado roads! At Seyfer we work with almost all aftermarket warranty companies to get your vehicle repaired under their contract. When scheduling your appointment we request that you inform us that you have an aftermarket warranty and who the provider is to ensure we can work with them and do what we can to minimize the amount of time you are without your vehicle.

Can I wait for my vehicle?

While we do have a cozy waiting room stocked with magazines, free coffee, wifi and hypo-allergenic dog snuggles, we do recommend leaving your vehicle with us for the day for anything beyond an oil change. The tests we need to run to accurately diagnose and confirm the cause of failure in your vehicle often take well over an hour before we can provide you with an accurate estimate. Once you give us approval to begin repairs we often need to have the parts shipped in from across town that could take several hours, so once everything is said and done it typically takes at least one full business day to complete repairs which is why we advise leaving the vehile for the day. At Seyfer Automtoive we strive to ensure we are communicating realistic and accurate timelines for your repair so you can feel at ease with your vehicle in our hands.

Can I supply my own parts?

The short answer, no. The reason why we are able to offer such a great warranty is our ability to ensure high quality parts are installed with every repair and through partnerships with our vendors. When we are not able to supply the parts, we are no longer able to ensure the quality of the parts or recieve the warranty benefits that our suppliers provide. When we get a faulty part in box and need to perform the repair for a second time we have the ability to recoup that cost of the service bay being down from those vendors as well therefore not costing you additional money for something out of your control. This partnership with our vendors to provide you with a warranty is the reason why we refuse to install your own supplied parts.

What is Seyfer Automotive's Warranty Period?

Through Napa Auto Care and Technet we offer a 2 year/24k mile nationwide warranty on all repairs unless otherwise stated on your invoice.

Does Seyfer Automotive Do Catalytic Converter Etching?

We can install a non-removable ID tag that gets registered with in a theft prevention database. This service is provided for free for AAA members, or free with any service for non AAA members. For a charge we also offer a catalytic converter cage that inhibits the ability to cut or remove the catalytic converter from the rest of the exhaust system. Call (303) 422-5261 to schedule installation of your catalytic converter theft deterent device today!

Our History

In 1961 at 19 years old Don Seyfer founded Seyfer Automotive in his parent’s garage about 2 months before marrying the love of his life and staple in the Wheat Ridge community, Margie Seyfer. The pride that he took in his family name, care for hot rods and family-oriented style of business continues today. When you walk in the front door of Seyfer Automotive for the first time you’ll likely have to take a double take that you are in the right location because of how clean and quite the office feels compared to many automotive repair shops, all thanks to Don Seyfer’s meticulous sense of customer care.  The legacy that Don Seyfer built on quality, reliability and honesty, has been recognized both locally and nationally and can still be felt in every inch and aspect of Seyfer Automotive today.